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Potenza Auto is an ad solutions and tech company that provides auto dealers with tools and technology, as well as guidance to help increase lot visits, vehicle sales, and ultimately dealership growth!

Not just a products company, or a tech company, we offer tailored strategies and guidance for dealers looking to solve auto dealer marketing problems.

  • Increase Volume Dealership Sales
  • Increase Luxury Dealership Sales
  • Improve Conquest Marketing
  • Fill Service Bays

  • More Effective Marketing & Advertising
  • Tools & Tech to Dominate Your Market
  • Training & Support

  • Turn-Key Onboarding & Management
  • More Efficient Marketing & Advertising
  • Automation Tools to Reduce Labor Hours

Backed By Numbers + Expertise

With a nationwide client-base of dealerships of all shapes and sizes, Potenza Auto is a division of Potenza Inc, a proven, expert authority in automotive marketing.

Of Data Points Leveraged


More Efficient Ad Campaigns

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Sells Dealership Impressions and Clicks

Product-Based Model

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Estimate Units Sold From Ads

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Potenza Auto is a powerful automation and intelligence software platform that helps agencies and media companies acquire, manage, and deliver digital marketing products more effectively to small and medium-sized businesses.


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